Why Print Media is important and Which Brand Opportunities You Can Get from It?

Why Print Media is important and Which Brand Opportunities You Can Get from It?

Nowadays with the development of digital means, printed advertising materials get often underestimated. A considerable number of businesses do not choose the print media because they see it as old-fashioned and useless. However, physical print media could turn into one of effective branding tool that companies are skipping on!


Among the most used examples of print media there are business cards, brochures, flyers, coupons, ads in magazines or newspapers, ads on billboards, postcards and even product packaging. It is advisable that you as a business owner turn to at least some of these mediums to improve your brand’s public image.


Sensory Input of Print Media

When a customer holds a printed leaflet in his or her hands, it brings more of a psychological effect of “realness” that you would ever get with digital media. This object your brain will remember much more accurate than some random group of pixels on a screen of your cell-phone.

Even just having business cards or flyers to hand out to people increases the chances of them coming back to you to use your services or buy your products. There is a tendency that after a social event you would rather follow up with someone whose business card you received rather than with someone whose profile you saw on the internet because of the sensory input this piece of print media leaves.


Brand Trustworthiness due to Print Media

Leaving a a great sensory trace, print media is mostly seen more credible than digital media. That is the reason why people still subscribe to printed magazines and newspapers — it is believed that the information posted in the publication is accurate and trustworthy. In this way your brand’s public perception can be increased through association with one of the famous local publications. 


Print media advertising gets attention

Being more affordable and simplier, digital advertising has gotten more competitive than the printed one. With the appearance of Google and Facebook many businesses started to compete for the top keywords and the ones who pay the most get the best positions in online search.


Different kinds of magazines and brochures are a great place to post print advertising. No matter how popular digital media has become since the advent of it, printed editions have seen very little to none decrease in subscriptions over the past years. Morover, they are perfect for placing ads as with their help you can target a certain niche more precisely.


In contrary to printed advertising, online ads are getting avoided. Ad blocker plugins and specific web-browsers with ad blocking features make this even easier. As one of countless researches shows, over 50% of all internet users had an ad block plugin installed. However, advertisements in magazines are seen as a part of the culture as well as the whole experience.

Print Advertising Lasts Longer

Digital ads are being avoided as much as possible, a majority of them are being skipped on, especially when one is given such an option. In addition to that, ad view times are very low online. Coming back to the print media, advertisements can be on and on. Let us at least check the dates of some editions that can be found in waiting rooms. You will be surprised how old the magazines may be. And so are the ads in them.


If you are eager to try how print media can benefit your brand, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.