Embarking on my professional journey in the vibrant landscape of Egypt, I set foot on a path of discovery and growth. The storied alleys of Cairo became the backdrop for my early experiences, where each interaction and challenge laid the foundation for my career. Like the ancient structures that dot the Nile, I honed my skills, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry that enveloped me. As the sun set over the pyramids, I found my passion for excellence, a flame that has fueled my career ever since. Today, I carry the echoes of my Egyptian beginnings, weaving them into the narrative of success at every step in my professional story.


In 2011, my professional journey extended beyond the borders of Egypt, and I found myself in Syria, a land steeped in history and resilience. It marked the beginning of a new chapter as I assumed the role of the first design ambassador on the international road of design. Navigating the challenges of a dynamic environment, I pioneered innovative design solutions that transcended cultural boundaries. Against the backdrop of ancient cities and arid landscapes, I cultivated my skills and embraced the opportunity to contribute to the global design landscape. This pivotal experience in Syria became a cornerstone, shaping my trajectory as a designer with a global perspective.


In 2014, I embarked on the next leg of my career journey outside of Egypt, landing in Ukraine. Here, I continued my role as a pivotal point on the international road of design, bringing creativity and innovation to a new cultural context. Navigating the diverse landscapes of Ukrainian design, I embraced the challenges as opportunities for growth, contributing to the global discourse of aesthetic excellence. Amidst the historical tapestry of Ukraine, I refined my skills, creating designs that resonated across borders and reflected the amalgamation of diverse influences. Ukraine became not only a geographical location but a dynamic crucible where my design philosophy evolved, marking a significant chapter in my ongoing international career.


In the culmination of my professional journey, I fulfilled a long-held aspiration by establishing my dream company in Germany in 2022. Serving as the ultimate road point of design on the international design highway, my company stands at the intersection of innovation, cultural diversity, and creative excellence. The German backdrop provides the perfect canvas for realizing my vision, blending precision engineering with artistic flair. At the heart of this venture lies a commitment to shaping design narratives that transcend borders and captivate global audiences. As I inaugurate this chapter, my dream company becomes the culmination of years of experience, cultural enrichment, and an unwavering passion for design.