SmartPhone Apps

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Often called ‘Native Applications’ to separate them from mobile websites, Apps are developed using a different programming language from websites. Developing an iPhone and iPad app, or an app for Android or Windows phones and tablets often gives the user more features than a mobile optimised website. Often the combination of mobile app development with a mobile optimised website will give you the best of both worlds – simpler development, and a way to keep the information in the app updated.

Some of the reasons you might choose to develop a native app as well as or instead of a responsive website

Functionality: Apps can use aspects of the smart phone operating system which work more smoothly and quickly than a web page – keyboard, maps, and more.

Speed: Data can be downloaded with the app and stored on the smartphone or tablet, making it quick to access, but not as easy to update.

Revenue: Apps can be sold, earning revenue

Network Freedom: Apps can be used without network connectivity, so can be used on planes or in low network areas, and can save on data costs

Android App

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iPhone Apps

Everyone across the world flattered by iPhone and iPad wants to mark their presence on this platform. With over 70 billion apps download, this mobile operating system charms the life of business persons. Thus, our iPhone application development company is here to help you develop and deliver groundbreaking Apple iOS applications that run on both iPhone and iPad.

Rising use of Apple products, you need to place your apps in iTunes Store to grab peak position in app market. To get your idea transformed into an active app, UIPL works with a team of experts to design, develop, test and deploy iPhone Apps. UIPL stays in the forefront of iOS app development services to serve customers in different global locations. Team Unified holds a strong passion in custom iPhone app development to bring productive business ROI for clients. UX and UI designer shares detailed report while designing user experience, user profiles, design flows and user-stories for different domains. Besides great expertise in iPhone application development, design and architecture, Team Unified has a strong knowledge of iOS platform and various components embedded in it

Apps Customized to Suits All Your Needs

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